Creating A Campaign

Campaigns are the centerpiece of Campaign Donut and in this article you'll learn how to create a campaign and what you can do within a campaign.

Login to Campaign Donut

Visit and log in to your account. If you have not yet created an account you can do so here

Create New Campaign

Once you're logged in you'll be redirected to your Dashboard which will show any campaigns you create. In the upper right hand corner click the New Campaign button to create a new campaign. 

Configure Your Campaign

When creating a new campaign you first need to title your campaign. You can always change this later.

You'll also need to set a campaign featured image. You can upload your own image or if you have previously uploaded an image you'd like to use you can click Select and choose that image from your media gallery. If you do not have an image to use yet you can create your own image by selecting an image color and an icon. 

Choose your featured image option and press Next.

Campaign Tab

After creating your campaign you're redirected to that campaign Page. At the top you'll see a series of tabs. You're on the campaign tab and this is where you'll create all of your campaign content. 

Name Field

This is the name you gave your campaign when first created. At any time you can update the campaign name and press Save to commit your changes.


This field is where you can share details about this campaign with anyone else who might work on the campaign with you now or in the future. A great use of this field is to think of it as a way to bring another teammate up to speed on the nature of the campaign, what purpose the campaign serves, and any other information that can give them a greater context of the campaign.

Campaign Featured Image

You'll see the Campaign Image you assigned in the previous step. If, at any time, you want to change this image, hover over the current image, click Edit Featured Image and proceed to make your changes.

Users Tab

This tab controls who has access to your campaign whether it be a user with a Campaign Donut account or users who do not have a Campaign Donut account but are viewing the campaign content through the Public Sharing feature.

Share Content

There may be instances where you'll need to share content from Campaign Donut with people who do not have a Campaign Donut account. The Share Content features a URL that you can use to make a campaign public. 

Simply turn on the Public toggle and then proceed to copy the URL. 

If you'd like to test your URL, simply open an incognito window in your browser and paste the link. This will show you exactly what others will see.

Invite a User

The preferred way to add a new user to Campaign Donut is through the Administration panel. When you create a user this way you can assign them to any of your available brands and they will immediately have access to all campaigns within that brand.

Should you want to invite a user to view a single campaign only, you can do so from the Invite a User section of this page. Add the user's name, email, and choose a Campaign Access Level and press Send Invitation.

Campaign Editors will have the ability to edit any of the content within the campaign, including creating and deleting content. 

Campaign Viewers will have the ability to view any content within the campaign but will not be able to make changes. 

Campaign Users

This section shows users that have access to Campaign Donut at the Campaign level only. You will not see any users in this section that have been added through the administration panel.

Campaign Content

Returning to the Campaign tab, below the campaign details (Name, Description, Image) you'll see all of your campaign content. After creating a new campaign, the only content you'll see will be your campaign image. 

Content Selector

Some campaigns will accumulate a lot of content over time. By default, you will see all content in your campaign. However, the Content Selector allows you to choose to view only a certain content type. Click the Content Selector showing Everything and you'll see a dropdown allowing you to choose what content types you want to view.


You can easily search all of your content within a specific campaign. Clicking the magnifying glass icon will reveal a search field where you can type in the name of the content you're searching for. 

Add Content

The Add Content button is the primary way to add new content to your campaign. When you press the Add Content button you'll be presented with a list of content options you can create. 

  • Ad Creative
  • Document
  • Email Broadcast
  • File
  • Social Media
  • Web URL

In addition to these options, the Add Content button also reveals the option to Clone your campaign or Create New Campaign.

Creating New Content

Now that you're familiar with the process for creating a new campaign and the Campaign Dashboard, it's time to get to work and start creating your marketing content to support your new campaign!

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