Creating Email Broadcasts

Email Broadcasts give you access to all of the most common styling options you'll find in email service providers such as bold, italics, ordered lists, unordered lists, headings, and inserting images.

Creating an Email Broadcast is simple.

Open Your Campaign or Create A New Campaign

If you have already created the campaign for which you want to draft an email, select that campaign from the Campaign Dashboard.

If you have not yet created your campaign, you'll go through the process of Creating A New Campaign.

Add New Email Broadcast

There are two ways to add a new Email Broadcast.

The first is through the Add New Content button located just underneath the campaign Featured Image.

This is the only way to create new content, including an Email Broadcast, in a new campaign.

The second way to add a new Email Broadcast is available after an Email Broadcast has been created. After you've added your first Email Broadcast a new section appears listing all Email Broadcast entries along with a new button to add new Email Broadcasts.

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