Delete A Campaign

All paid Campaign Donut accounts have access to create unlimited campaigns. Still, you may want to delete a campaign that was created in error, accidentally duplicated, or you just want to keep things tidy.

There are two ways to delete a campaign and both are very simple.

NOTE: Once a campaign is deleted all associated within that campaign is deleted with the exception of Media. Any Image files associated with the campaign will remain available within the Media Gallery.

Deleting via the Campaign Dashboard

From the Campaign Dashboard find the campaign you wish to delete, click on the ⋯ icon to at the right side of the campaign list to reveal the option to Delete Campaign.

Select Delete Campaign and then confirm your selection.

Deleting Within A Campaign

The option to delete a campaign exists within the campaign itself.

In the Campaign Details section, find the red Delete button and select it.

You will be prompted to confirm your selection.

Once deleted you will be redirected to your Campaign Dashboard.

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