Sharing with Public Links

Content created within Campaign Donut can easily be shared with people outside of the application who do not have an account with Campaign Donut via Public Links.

Public Links allow you to share a specific content item or the contents of an entire campaign with outside users.

Any Public Link is a view-only link and editing content from the Public Link page is not possible

Sharing Entire Campaign with Public Link

Using a Public Link to share an entire campaign will make all items within that campaign visible.

To enable a Campaign Public Link, open the campaign you want to share and select the Users tab.

Within the Users tab navigate to Share Content section and toggle the Public option to on and copy the link. When you share this link with anyone they will be able to view the entire contents of the campaign without needing any sort of login.

Note: There is currently no way to limit what items are available to view when using the Campaign Public Link.

If you want to share individual content outside with people outside of your Campaign Donut account you can do so using individual Public Links.

Navigate to the item you want to share and select the Sharing menu from the list of tabs at the top.

In the Share Content section, toggle the Public option on and then click the Copy button. When you share this link with users outside of Campaign Donut they will be able to access the contents of this specific content item.

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