Understanding Organizations and Brands

Campaign Donut is created to be very flexible for companies that manage marketing for one brand or many brands.

To do this we employ Organizations (the top level company responsible for billing) and brands (the individual entities underneath the parent organization).

Billing in Campaign Donut is handled by the Organization Owner and is dependent upon how many brands created within that Organization.

Organization Owner

When you sign up for a new account on Campaign Donut you immediately become the Organization Owner and a corresponding Brand.

Organization Owners are responsible for the Campaign Donut subscription billing and have the ability to invite other users into the organization, granting access to the individual brand or brands owned by that organization.

What Is An Organization?

In Campaign Donut an Organization is essentially your company account. When you sign up with Campaign Donut your Organization will typically be the name of your company and your Organization is automatically assigned one Brand within Campaign Donut. For most companies, the Brand name will be the same as the Organization name.

For instance, if Dollar Shave Club signed up for Campaign Donut their configuration would most likely be as follows:

  • Organization = Dollar Shave Club
  • Brand = Dollar Shave Club

In this scenario, the company Dollar Shave Club would need to use only one brand inside of Campaign Donut.

Organizations pay for the number brands they use within their account with most organizations only needing one brand.

What Are Brands?

A Brand in Campaign Donut represents "entities" that fall underneath a company.

While Dollar Shave Club would most likely only use one Brand inside of Campaign Donut, a company like Procter & Gamble would require many brands.

For instance:

  • Organization Name = Procter & Gamble
  • Brand 1= Pampers
  • Brand 2 = Bounce
  • Brand 3 = Downy
  • Brand 4 = Tide
  • Brand 5 = Bounty
  • Brand 6 = Charmin
  • Brand 7 = Tampax
  • Brand 8 = Gillette
  • Brand 9 = Old Spice

In this scenario Procter & Gamble would be the top level organization but would want to utilize 9 different brands within Campaign Donut in order to keep the content for each individual entity separate from the others.

Most Campaign Donut users will only ever need one brand. For those who need more such as organizations that operate as a House of Brands or agencies which manage the marketing efforts for multiple brands, additional brands would be recommended.

Accessing Brands Outside of Your Organization

One of the things that makes Campaign Donut great is the ability to invite people in from other organizations to work within your specific brand.

For instance, someone who operates as a freelancer could be invited to access the brands underneath multiple different organizations and be able to navigate to each of those brands without the need for multiple accounts and logging in and out every time they wanted to work within a different brand.

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