Copying Email Content to Mailchimp (New Builder)

Copying your email content from Campaign Donut into Mailchimp is very straightforward.

Using the Email Broadcast Code View you can copy the basic raw HTML of your email broadcast and paste it in a paragraph field via code view in Mailchimp.

Steps to Copy Content Into Mailchimp

  1. Copy the Email Broadcast content via Code View
  2. Add a paragraph element into your Mailchimp email builder
  3. With the paragraph element selected, select the Code tab
  4. Paste the code you copied from Campaign Donut

Mailchimp may center justify your content (even though the HTML code does not call for center justification) and correcting this is simple.

After pasting the HTML code in the Paragraph field Code View, click out of that element in Mailchimp and then once again, select that element.

After selecting the Paragraph element, choose the text align left setting and you'll see your content justified left.

Creating Buttons In Mailchimp

If you have portions of your email content that you'd like to use buttons for, it will require a couple extra steps because of how Mailchimp's email builder works.

  1. Drag a button to the email builder
  2. Configure your button settings (link, text, etc)
  3. Duplicate your paragraph element
  4. In your first paragraph element, delete all the content from the button down
  5. In your second paragraph element, delete all the content from the button up

This will allow you to use Mailchimp's button element and keep its location in the same place you intended it to be.

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