Copying Email Content to ConvertKit (Legacy Editor)

Copying your email content from Campaign Donut into ConvertKit is very straightforward. There are two different ways to copy your email over. One method is simple copy and paste and is sufficient for almost all instances. The other method is to use the HTML Code View and this method is preferred if you've made any manual stylings in the HTML Code View.

Simple Copy and Paste of the Text

  1. In Campaign Donut, highlight and copy the text you want to copy into ConvertKit
  2. Inside the ConvertKit Legacy Editor, paste the content you copied
  3. Review the pasted content to for accurate styling

Copying and Pasting HTML Code

ConvertKit's Legacy Editor allows for HTML code to be pasted, however, because of the way the Legacy editor handles breaks and paragraphs, there will be additional lines in between each paragraph.

This isn't a problem, it just requires some manual adjustment to the spacing.

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