Adding New Users

Organization Owners and Organization Managers have the ability to invite new users to Campaign Donut. If your organization only uses a single brand within Campaign Donut, any new users will be automatically assigned to that brand.

Campaign Donut uses a robust permissions system to ensure that users receive the necessary permissions, whether they are granted access to all brands within an organization or are limited to only a specific brand or brands.

How to Add A New User

To add a new user click your User Profile in the lower left hand corner of the screen and select Administration from the popup.

Once the Administration page loads, select the Users tab.

In the upper right hand corner click New User.

From the new user page, add the First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and assign the appropriate permissions (explained more below).

Click Invite and wait for the confirmation that invite email has been sent to your user.

How to Remove An Organization Manager

Navigate to the Administration area by clicking your User Profile in the lower left hand corner.

Once the Administration area loads, select the Organization tab from the left menu.

From the Organization screen locate the user you want to remove and click the red icon to delete the user from the Organization.

This will remove the user as an Organization Manager. If you'd like to assign individual brand permissions, you can navigate to their profile in the Users menu and assign individual brand access there.

About Organization Managers

When a new user is added as an Organization Manager they are immediately granted access to all brands owned by that organization. For instance, if the organization is Procter & Gamble a new users added Organization Manager would immediately again access to all Procter & Gamble brands (Tide, Downy, Brawny, Old Spice, etc).

This makes it easy for you to grant broad access to users who will be working for all brands throughout the organization.

About Brand Users

When a users is added as a brand user, they receive access only to this brands which have been assigned to them.

For instance, instead of adding an Organization Manager to Proctor & Gamble, you can add a Brand User and grant them access only to Tide and Old Spice.

Removing Organization Manager Permissions

At any point in time you can remove a user from being an Organization Manager. Once you remove them they immediately lose access to all of the Brands within your Organization.

If you are removing them as Organization Managers because they should have limited access to specific brands you can then choose to assign individual Brand User access if you wish for them to retain access to any specific brands.

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